authors: Andrei Marinescu, ICMET Craiova; Mihai Tarata, The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Medical Informatics &
Biostatistics Dept; Mihai Iordache, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Electrical Engineering Faculty

lucrare prezentata la Simpozionul National INGIMED XVI  „Ingineria biomedicala. Orientari europene” noiembrie 2015 Bucuresti

autori: ANDREI MARINESCU ICMET Craiova; MIHAI IORDACHE Universitatea Politehnica Bucureşti; LUCIAN MANDACHE Universitatea din Craiova

lucrare prezentata in cadrul CONFERINŢEI “ZILELE ACADEMIEI DE ŞTIINŢE TEHNICE DIN ROMÂNIA” Ediţia a 8-a; Braşov 4 – 5 Octombrie 2013

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Wireless Power Summit
5-6 octombrie Denver,USA

IEEE Wireless Power Transfer Conference 2017 Taipei Taiwan

10 – 12 may 2017

Wireless Congress 2016: Systems & Applications

9-10 November 2016, Munich, Germany

IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (2016 WoW)

October 4-6, 2016, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

IEEE PEMC International Conference on Power Electronics and Motion Control

September 25-30, 2016,Varna, Bulgaria

SS01 = Contactless Charging of Electric vehicles

Chair/s: Giuseppe Buja, Andrei Marinescu

Mathematical Model of Series-Parallel Compensation for Contactless Power Transfer System

Mr. Brijesh Kumar Kushwaha, Mr. Gautam Rituraj, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Prof. Pavol Bauer

Contribution to the System Design of Contactless Energy Transfer Systems

Mr. David Maier, Mr. Jörg Heinrich, Mr. Marco Zimmer, Mr. Marcel Maier, Prof. Nejila Parspour

Using VNA for IPT Coupling Factor Measurement

Prof. Andrei Marinescu, Mr. Ionel Dumbrava

Analysis and Comparison of Multi-Coil Inductive Power Transfer Systems

Mr. Venugopal Prasanth, Mr. Soumya Bandyopadhyay, Prof. Pavol Bauer, Prof. Braham Ferreira

Efficiency and power sizing of SS vs. SP topology for wireless battery chargers

Prof. Giuseppe Buja, Prof. Manuele Bertoluzzo, Mr. Rupesh Jha, Mr. Giacomuzzi Stefano, Mr.Kishore Naik Mude

3D space transformers analysis for Inductive Energy Transfer

Dr. Artur Moradewicz, Mr. Rafal Miskiewicz, Dr. Renata Sulima, Prof. Jan Sikora

Wireless Power Tradeshow and Seminar in Munich

August 25, 2016,  Hilton Munich City

Simpozionul "Creativitatea in Stiinta si Tehnologie: Inventica si Nikola Tesla"

11 iunie 2016, Brasov, Romania

Wireless Power Transfer Conference (WPTC-2016)

5-6 mai, 2016, Aveiro, Portugalia

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Conferinta EV&HEV 2015 - Inovare in Mobilitate Electrica si Hibrida

20 noiembrie 2015, Pitesti

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Wireless Power 2015

5-6 noiembrie 2015, San Diego, SUA

The Wireless Power Summit 2014

20-21 noiembrie 2014, Berkeley, California, SUA

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